Sunday, May 10, 2020

Aut Viam Inventam Aut Faciam

Aut Viam Inventam Aut Faciam: this has been my favourite quote for a while now. It is a Latin quote that translates to, 'I shall either find a way or make one'!

Over the last year I have been often asked this question - What changed?
I tried to figure out in this photo blog I compiled. 😼

2018: Such an apt picture. I had turned a blind eye to enjoying the sport. 

I made a resolution mid way through the year: Always believe in how good you are and never let anyone else tell you otherwise. For me, that was the start...

A little souvenir from that tour of Sri Lanka that taught me a lot about myself. It reminds me of all the hardships I have faced, not just on one tour but through my life.

Things I did to keep myself motivated. From the time I was presented with my India cap by Jhulu di, back in 2014 to this day, I consider myself truly blessed. 

Test cap no. 77
ODI cap no. 112
T20I cap no. 48

One of the best books I have read. I carry it along on tours and every time I read it, I tend to understand life better.

December 2018, Vijayawada: The three days I was admitted in hospital, I realised how precious life is. Also, for two days in a row, I dreamt of bowling with a mask on. My sister, who came down all the way from Hyderabad to look after me, isn't much of a selfie person and she thought I was/am mad when she heard my mask dream.

P.S. I wore the mask before if became mandatory!

I am a huge believer of having little affirmations. I have always written a diary and when I find something worth telling myself, it goes right in there.

This tournament was so much fun! It was a huge learning curve, and I genuinely believe I have so much more to learn on the captaincy front!

Loved playing in New Zealand. One country that I would wish to visit every year. Serene, quiet and picturesque.

Kerri was our local liaison during our trip to New Zealand. Such a kind and compassionate soul. She was responsible for pushing me to have a brave and transparent conversation, one that changed my whole outlook towards cricket and made me believe.

Tracy ma'am-I have known her for ten years now. She has been my saviour on tours. One of the most kind-hearted and genuine people I know.

Someone very knowledgeable once told me, 'Trust the process, results will follow.' The joy in enjoying the process is immense. I don't know, but I think it all started falling in place during the England series. I had a sea facing room, which meant the evenings were as good as the games.

Also, here's a random picture of the salad I would order everyday.

An item from the to-do list ticked off. As a kid I drew the Taj in my drawing books and submitted a social science project on The Taj, but to visit Taj Mahal was a surreal experience.

P.S: The company wasn't too bad either.

Still can't play the guitar that well, but I finally got down to hiring a tutor and taking classes. A niggle meant I spent a considerable time playing guitar at home and spending hours on my batting.

P.S. Long hours of playing guitar = Ulna nerve impingement. It's crazy how I find ways of picking up niggles and keeping the physio busy.

I had so much fun playing for Team Velocity. Amazing memories made playing alongside (and against) some great players. Highlight of the birthday was getting to speak to a legend of the game and getting back home to a surprise gifts from parents, who were visiting my sister and weren't home.

He was one of the best human beings I have known and a friend for life. Gone too soon....

Unprecedented rains made sure I improvised, found ways to train, dragged my parents along to synthetic tracks, read a lot and irritated my mother with crazy meal plans... healthy ones though.

Memorable tour! Largely thanks to my drone. I had an amazing time clicking pictures and videos. Also, got pictures taken with legendary fast bowlers, whom I grew up watching, and Sir Viv's statue in Antigua.

Hard work never goes waste. 2019 was no doubt pretty eventful!

I know I still have a long way to go....

P.S. I wouldn't be one bit the person I am if it weren't for these three. So we have been having these newsroom conversations from the time my parents started using smartphones. My sister: in Hyderabad or where ever her work takes her; me: wherever cricket takes me; my father: in the drawing room; and my mother: in the bedroom (of the same house). It's sad that they also take the bump on the road along with me, but I love them the most in this world.