Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Cricket Bat
It was yesterday that I gave my cricket bat for Threading( a way to protect or repair the toe of the bat). When I returned home I just happened to refresh memories of my previous bats. As of now I have two season bats (English willow)-Reebok n Maruti, Reebok being the one which I use during my matches.
The first ever bat which I had, rather was gifted, was of plastic. I still remember the way I used to bang it on the ground after getting out. But then it saw its end when I started experimenting it against the tough rubber ball more often than usual. As a result it developed a dent. Hehehe.
Then I graduated to playing with wooden tennis ball bats and rubber balls. This was the time when my father made it a point to bring along a hand made wooden bat every time he happened to go to Hyderabad. These bats were not very show off kinds but did have good stroke. And the best part was that they were durable (at least for the kids of my age). Suddenly I was someone to reckon with, thanks to the bat and the wooden stumps my father brought along the next time (the stumps were like the plastic ones which you get these days). Thus I had a great time playing with my mini cricket kit…and this happiness also is attributed to the fact that I always used to win.. not because I was so good but because I made it a point to be in guy’s team rather than the gals team.
Then came the big turning point…my father got transferred to Vasco Da Gama, Goa. I was 9 yr old at that point of time. I was new to the place and by the look of it gals here were not supposed to play with guys.
So my wooden bat had to spend a few days in exile. I found the kids here very reserved and proud. So even I passed a few days playing badminton with my father and sister. I was happy to play anything outdoors. Then one day I happened to remove my bat, asking my dada to give me some catching practice. Just the merry site of the bat and all the guys came running literally. And suddenly I had good 10 kids to play with. So here I was again stealing the limelight because of my bat… I really enjoyed giving people tough time finding out whether I was a gal or a guy(thanks to my attire and the boy cut which I had).
4:30 in the evening and there I was in the cemented play ground playing with my friends. And the days play would end only when my mother used to come shouting. :). Even on the days when I wouldn’t be at home, my bat and stumps used to be out of their usual place…I had many arguments and bitter fights during those days, but come next day I would be on the ground. thanks to my kit….
Daughter of a central government employ I was used to changing places….so our next stop was naval base, Mandovi, Verem, Panjim. I was a 15 year old teen then. There was absolutely no one here with whom play cricket. So I had to pass time playing badminton. Being in 10th standard even I was fully into studies. So my bat, against my wish, was given to the kid next door, who happened to be my Maths mam’s son. And the worst happened when one day he left it on the ground. I felt like crying...
cut to 2009 Here I am a proud owner of two cricket bats. I am a state player now. Used to use BAS bat from the common kit of the team but now I can afford one more of those Reebok bats, and I am planning to. :) It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to carry my own kit, specially my Bat.
And I am changed now…I try winning the matches not on my team’s strength but on my own strength added to my team’s.