Friday, December 18, 2009


sometimes hundred 'wrongs'.

will average 'right'.

but it would'nt be long,

before the 'actual right' shows its might!!

hope is boundless,

there isnt any doubt.

sooner 'wrongs' would be groundless,

just averaging OUT!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Physical Fitness or Gaming Skills??what matters more in a sport like cricket..

a rather unusual question..right??hmm..had this question in my mind for quite here i am..trying to figure out the answer to it...

let me take u guys back to 99 world cup(cricket world cup ofcourse..i hardly know anything about the other games..:D..know a bit bout tennis though:)) what do you think separated team australia from other teams like india,south africa,pakistan ......considering india and south africa in particular..hmm..any answers..u wud hav got it..:)

team south africa had very gud fitness levels..i mean no other team could beat them when it came to ground fielding n physical fitness on the whole..

then v had our very own team india which ,was(and traditionally is) supposed to have some of the best talented and skillfull players that the world cricket sees every year..

so on the whole team SA lagged cricketing skills ( by using the word lag i mean they werent what they are now..they were comparatively new to world cricket then and had jus stepped into the international arena after facing a boycott for 30 they were excellent as a new team but way behind teams like india and aus in terms of cricketing skills)

n the situation with team india was just the opposite..they had some very good players but the fitness levels were not there:(..just to say the seniors had all the skills but no fitness levels to match teams like south africa and australia (point to note here is..the whole mind set here in india is like that..or rather was like we do have good fitness programs to boost the physical strengths of our players and then the young guns entering the arena have a totally different outlook..good for us:))

lastly team australia..they had it all..superb physical strengths..great cricketing skills and talented individuals..n hence they won..i mean they had to ...

Coming back to the present scenario..i somehow india is climbing the ladder..where the fitness and physical strengths are concerned..(i mean it all shows on the field..,UV(hey doesnt he use the same initials on his bat:D),raina,rohit,yusuf..they all are osum on the field and mind u they have the skills australia with so many key players retiring from international cricket does seem low on that skills scale..they have the talent though..who knows in a year or two..they might be well on top again..

team SA seems to have it all..lightening quick fielders who are just too osum to describe( com'on u cant blame a batsmen if he cant score:)..wth AB , Botha, Gibbs,Duminy guarding the point,extra covers,covers and mid wicket area..he can only think of arial shots)....n they have the talent n skills anyways...(remember that test 4rth innings win agnst oz in oz..)..

so the point is cricket is not just about skills but about physical strength( dont u ever forget matt hayden just dancing down the pitch hitting the bowler for looks effortless ..really), conditioning and good fitnesslevels as well.. i know it for myself ..i sure do....:)