Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hey, friends I know all you sachin fans will surely have an answer to this question…me being a sachin fan too, have my own story to tell..
I have grown up watching sachin bat his way through world records, winning matches single- handedly and proving to the world that it’s your passion for the game that matters the most..
Still remember the triangular series in sharjah (1998) where he won the cup for India single handedly. Can’t forget the incident when he walked without the umpire giving him out (he was caught in a fix actually) and even the bowler (Damien Fleming) appealed half- heartedly…a real sportsman as he is..
Being a nine year old then, those were the first impressions of cricket and the god of cricket on my mind. And it was the very same year that I came to know that sachin wanted to become a fast bowler but this wish of his was undone by his height. At that time I was 4 and half feet tall and was an ok-ok bowler (good enough for gully cricket). I couldn’t help but wonder why sachin thought so (I was too young to understand the complexity of his statement). So I kind of pledged that I would be a good bowler even with my height (for him, for me..I dont really know..I somehow thought he would be proud of mesone day, alsoI didnt realize that I would grow taller eventually).
And here I am. At 5 feet 9 I am an ok-ok bowler now...a medium pacer...Not a quickie though.:)I play for my state team... And do realize the importance of height in being a fast bowler...
He is indeed a role model for millions in this cricket mad country, me being one of them.

And I think we are blessed to have been born in this era and to have witnessed a great cricketing legend showcase his unusual talent…
I dream to make it big someday and meet him in person…