Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cricket Maniac!!!

When do you know you are cricket Maniac?*honestly i feel 'cricket maniac' --the term doesn't really describe the madness all that well*
1. When the first thing you do when you get up in the morning is to rush outside to check if its raining!!!
2. When you don't wake up on hearing your mother sing/shout your name in seven different tones, the pitch half a note up higher every time but the morning sports news bulletin succeeds!!
3. When you hold every single thing that is spherical as if you are holding it across the seam*like a swing bowler*..these things range from an apple that you pick up to eat at a friend's place to a paper weight that is placed on your senior's desk.
4. When you, whilst speaking to one of your friend, unknowingly speak with an Australian/English accent *thanks to watching the post match interviews/channel videos on you a 50 times*
5. When you can't help but set up meetings with friends at cricket ground *yeah..I've done that*..and you ask --Hey!! how have you been? whilst watching the bowler deliver a ball *if you are watching a match *or on your follow through after bowling a first ball bouncer to your friend *if you are practicing*!!
6. When you go shameless and ask a friend to come for a session when you know she's celebrating a festival that is meant to be grand.
7. When you convince your friends to skip the movie plan and come for a session *stating that you have mastered a variation over night that you would want them to see*
8. When you *as a kid* play with guys twice your age, and physique just because playing/*more often than not being a chotu fielder some where on the ground*gives you more happiness than any one you are playing with could ever imagine.
9. When you convince your other friend to walk like 5 kilometers to go fetch the monthly magazine on cricket from the city *5 kms is quite a distance when you are just 8*
10. When you go shopping with your friends to this specific shopping mall not because you get really good stuff there to buy*wardrobe wise* or it has good eating outlets but because it houses a big bookstore where you can read or pick up good books *auto-biographies making up the chunk of such purchases*
11. When as an eight year old you can't get enough contributions to go buy a rubber ball *not to forget that you lost a 'brand' new one just after a day's play * and you manage to persuade your mother to get you one by promising all 'A+' in the next tests. 
12. When you can't help but imagine how good a play ground would a runway, a less crowded railway platform or a rather spacious hotel room make!!*I haven't really mentioned a lot of other places here--*India gate for example*
13. When you can't help but check out all the cricketing gear available online!! *I know heights of joblessness still...if signing up for newsletters is better option then...I have done that too* Also lot many things get added to the wish list/ cart every time you visit these sites!!
14. Watching a game would take you into a world that would be unreal but far better than fantasy!! For that hour or so you forget about things that you need to do!!* studying for next day's examination is one that tops the list*
15. When you can spend hours reading articles online about the game, players, anything and everything related to the game!!
16. Every second Hollywood/ Bollywood actor reminds you of some eminent cricketer!! *I still send feedbacks to cricinfo for the section-- dopplegangers..haha..right now I some how find James Anderson pretty similar to Rock of Ages actor- Russell Brand!!*
17. When you as kid , would enjoy the evening strolls with your father discussing cricket!! And on match days when the power supply wouldn't be there, the transistor would accompany you!!
18. When you check this new bowling boot online and you are love struck. You keep getting back to the site until you finally manage to buy it and have it delivered to you *all the way from England, thanks to a friend of yours*
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