Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I feel proud

  • when I take that extra round of the ground knowing that the sun is still burning bright
  • when I have a fitness regime much more different and difficult than my fellow mates because I am special to the game.
  • when i get up everyday in the morning knowing that I can have the red cherry in my hand, feel the seam and can smell the leather.
  • when I have my toe nail changing colours as if I have painted them on purpose and then they go missing one fine day!!!
  • when I cut a small portion of my bowling boots to facilitate my toe nail sliding through.( a rather difficult thing to do)
  • when I carry an extra pair of bowling boots in my kit bag not really worrying about how much my kit bag weighs..
  • when I see spikes of my shoes going bad even before the pain to my lower back has bid good bye to my body!!!
  • when I spend hours studying the new bowling boots available in online stores(a little jobless I am sometimes)
  • when I measure my preferred run up in strides and mark the distance from the wicket, as if sending the message across to the person with the stick..'you will have me coming in at you precisely from this distance, hope you have your plans in order'!
  • when i take that long run up towards the wicket due to the need to generate the momentum and rhythm required to do something that only a few are able to..bowl fast!!
  • when my knee joint, ankle and lower body experience a force ten times my body weight and still are just fine for me to come back over after over and do what I like the most in the world.
  • when The batters are set and wickets are hard to come by, I see my captain tossing the ball in my direction. I, then, am back on my mission to prove- Pace is never Dead!!!
  • when i exploit the Corridor of uncertainty' with a smirk on my face as I complete my follow through and see the person with the stick straight in their eyes!!!
  • when I bowl one which greets the batter puzzled unplayable, croqueting around their head..
  • when I rip one through middle stump or just bowl a perfect ball even if it means not getting the batter out..
  • when I see the bails flying high in the sky, and the stick person taking a long walk back to the camp as if saying I give up, you rule here but I shall send my mate to see if a descent fight can be staged!!!
  • when i work tirelessly and flawlessly like a scientist, working in three dimensions, the line, the length and swing/seam..
  • because I haven't been taught to bowl fast but I have had this desire and the want to bowl fast!!!
  • because I carry in me something that is rare, that is special, something that when found has to be treasured,valued,appreciated and celebrated!!
  • because I am special...I am a fast bowler at heart!!! 
As Brett Lee says- ' fast bowlers are special beings..well who's the brightest..the guy who bowls 150 kmph or the guy who tries to face him'!!!