Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Chotu 5 Star Lover

Everyone has a favourite candy or chocolate as a kid,

I loved 5 Star with all my heart, yes I did.

Whenever running errands, I’d save money,

Sang praises of my shrewd self, funny.

I’d consciously collect the money required,

One chocolate in a month was all I desired.

In the receipts of things bought I was interested,

Working maths, how many chocolates could I buy instead.

Everything in my world was somehow connected to 5 Star,

I loved the caramel and nougat mix covered milk chocolate bar.

Material world existed in the multiples of 5 Star for me,

All A+s would get me one, my parents would agree.

I am a grown up now and things have changed,

Anything for God to help us get our lives re-arranged.

I am a 90’s kid and love my childhood stories,

The mere sight of 5 Star brings back happy memories.


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